So I know February is a little late to start making resolutions, but I am. I am trying to get back to doing things I love and that inspire me to keep moving and thinking. I have felt pretty blah lately, to understate it. Things in my life are constantly changing and not always for the better.

I have kept a journal my entire life. Really I have. Since I learned how to write, I have written in a diary in my younger years, which progressed into a journal in my mature years. 🙂 But one thing that happens repeatedly is that when something goes terribly wrong in my life (which would happen more often than you think) I would stop writing. At the time I needed it most I would stop. It was always that overwhelming dread that surround the idea of jotting down the new depressing updates on my life. Also that I was writing there in front of my nose for my eyes to see was hard to digest. If I wrote it, it was true. So I will go months and months before I pick up my pen again.

I am in that state now. But I miss writing, and am inspired by reading friends’ and strangers’ blogs, so I have decided to start my own (again). This time I”ll keep up with it….I think…. We’ll see. So here I go, I am going to try this again.