After cooking dinner the other night I was feeling a bit more uplifted. Also, after spending some much-needed time with my dear friend Emily I was feeling more on track with getting out of this slump. Things took a step back on Saturday after another failed attempt at making a chicken soup.

Over the past few months I have tried over and over to make a successful chicken broth based soup in a crockpot. The first one, all of the moisture burnt away and I was left with a brothless burnt mess. The second time there was absolutely NO flavor whatsoever. Not even salt could help. It was disgusting. And the third time I decided to add rice which sucked up all the broth so it turned out not to be a soup…

Well I finally felt up for trying it again on Saturday. I spent the morning browning the chicken and sauteing the garlic,onions, zucchini, and squash. I chopped up all the carrots and put it in the crockpot. As I was pouring in the chicken stock I stuck my finger out to taste it and discovered it was disgusting! I had found the source of the tasteless second soup. It was Market Basket organic brand. I strained out the stock I had started to pour to save the soup. I made a special trip out to the store to return the two boxes of gross stock to buy something with more flavor. When I returned home I added the new stock to the pot and was confident in my latest attempt. Well…..then I decided to add some pasta to give it more substance. I grabbed a box from the cabinet that was half used and dumped it in. When I looked into the empty box I saw that there were tons of tiny dead worms!!!!!!!!!! And the rest of them were floating on top of my soup!!!

I was so upset. I felt defeated and cried for a good while. I put in so much effort and was feeling so good and I had screwed it up AGAIN. After I felt so sure about it. I don’t know when I”ll be ready to try again. I think I am just not meant to make chicken soup! Such a waste! Now I know to always check an opened box of pasta for tiny dead worms, and to never buy Market Basket brand stock again. It’s so frustrating.

Thankfully we were out the door when I added the worms to my soup so I didn’t have to be around it. I made Chris deal with it when we got home because I just couldn’t, and I managed to make some Stromboli. Oh the cooking woes of a new wife… Hopefully I will be able to teach my daughters all of these things and share these stories with them so they won’t be clueless when they get married. Haha.


A distressed cook