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So Chris and I got some unfortunate news yesterday. His company announced in front of everyone that his department (which consists of himself and another guy) is going to be phased out and obsolete. He was not given a definite time frame on this switch over but he is guessing it could be anywhere from 2 months to 3 weeks. It took him MONTHS to find this job, and it’s not even that great! (Although it is MUCH better than selling cars, haha.) We are both feeling very stressed and defeated. You would think with  the consistency of suckyness that we  have both had in our lives, it would make it easier to just trust God and give it over to him and not worry. But I’m finding it doesn’t work like that. Some how we always make it through. Some how we are able to pay our bills even though our budget is all in the negatives. Somehow we survive. That ‘somehow’ is God and I just need to let him work it out. So if anyone knows of any environmental, entry-level, jobs that are open, send ’em our way!

Also, we got our new sleep number bed this week! After the sleepless months I have had on our used mattress that is really more like the Appalachian mountains, I was expecting to fall into a deep restoring sleep. So far this hasn’t been the case. I am still not sleeping. I am still uncomfortable. Chris and I purchased a c4. It’s in the classic series so the comfort and quality is a little lower than the P series. I think the difference is the material they are made out of and the P line has more cushion on top. Has anyone else had experience with sleep number beds before? Because I am not comfortable. We have  30 days to test it out.

On a happy note, Chris and I will be babysitting our adorable little nephew tomorrow morning!! Can’t wait to snuggle! 🙂