This weekend I went to the Dr.’s to discuss my current form of birth control and whether or not I should switch. She suggested I go from the Nuva Ring to the pill (ortho try-cyclen lo). After purchasing a 3 month supply I decided to do a little research, and what I found was not comforting. I browsed around review sites and the overwhelming stories these women told of their experiences on ortho were horrifying! They had dealt with extreme depression, suicidal thinking, extreme anxiety, dizziness, weight gain (10+lbs), and hair loss. As I skimmed through reviews I only saw about 5 positive ones where women said they only side effect they had was dizziness. Needless to say I am scared to start taking it. I am not due to start for another 2 weeks on the new method.

Chris and I have discussed Natural Family Planning multiple times so that I would not have to have any hormones messing up my body. But each time we think of switching we find out about another couple who is pregnant and we are scared away. I am just so confused about what to do. Chris and I are in no place for an unplanned pregnancy now, and the thought of that is what makes me just continue to suck it up and stay on birth control. It makes me feel trapped. I talked with a good friend and she suggested that I take those reviews with a grain of salt and see how my body handles the pill. If it’s not working then I can switch back my original or try something new. It still makes me a little nervous thinking of having those horrible side effects that so many other women experienced. Thoughts? Suggestions?