Chris’ surprise birthday party was a success! He had absolutely no clue until he walked through the door. This year I had decided to throw him a surprise party because he seemed a little down about his approaching birthday. Also, the last 2 years have been tough on his birthday. 2009 my grandmother died and my family was in crippling chaos, 2008 I was in Lithuania and he spent the evening alone in his room writing a paper.

I had been skillfully planning this party for 2 weeks or so and carefully covered all my tracks. I couldn’t wait to surprise him. I got him out of the apartment by having his parents have him come over to do some work around the house. Before he left I stole his apartment key of his key ring so he would need to buzz up when he got home. He didn’t realize it was gone until he got home. When he buzzed up he sounded a little ticked off and then we completely surprised by all of the people in our kitchen. His face was priceless. haha. We had a really fun time and all my hard work came to a head. It was wonderful to see friends that I haven’t in a few months because of my family problems and my need to retreat into a cave until I think I’m strong enough to come out.

After everyone was gone and Chris and I went to bed I was awoken by a terrible sickness. I don’t know what caused it but it was awful and hope it wasn’t from all the food I made! haha. What a way to end a party! So today was spent in my jammies, on the couch, trying not to think about food. I’m glad it was raining on my lazy day, it made me feel better about being glued to the couch. 🙂