There were buds on the trees today. Tiny green tufts on the trees squeezing out to become luscious leaves.  I was fortunate enough to spend pretty much the entire day outdoors. While the baby was napping I read on the porch in the sun with my coffee and when he was awake we played in the grass. It was funny to see him in a t-shirt today, his pudgy little arms flailing about. Haha. It feels nice not being trapped indoors anymore.

I am currently reading the book Zoli by Colum McCann. So far I love it! He is an Irish author and this story is about Romani gypsies in war-time Czechoslovakia (WWII through soviet occupation). The writing is beautiful and the storyline interesting. I’m not even half way through yet so we’ll see where else the book goes. But so far I would definitely recommend it. A friend of mine recommended another book of his Let the Great World Spin but the library didn’t have it so I thought I’d try Zoli.