Or something like that. 🙂

Since I’ve written last I have found a goal to work towards. Chris and I have started a Couch to 5K plan together. My inspiration: needing to feel like I’m accomplishing something, and the mom I nanny for. The parent’s of the family I work for are both avid runners. I know because I do their laundry. Haha. But seriously she is 37, has had 3 kids and is in WAY better shape than I am or have ever been! What’s my excuse? I’m supposedly in the prime physical years of my life so why not take advantage of that and be in the best shape I can? So we’re trying it. We’re on week 2 and so far so good. The idea is to slowly break into it. They say in the plan that even if you feel like you can push yourself don’t. The idea is to ease into it so that you can do it,not feel like death, and not hate running afterward.  I am so out of shape. Don’t let the pants size fool you. I’ve noticed this week that I’m already finding it easier to run. Hopefully I’ll stick with it. I told myself that if I can do it for a month then I’ll buy new running shoes. The ones I own now are years old.

Texas is still up in the air but becoming more real to me everyday. We shall see, I’ll keep you posted.

P.S. When I say avid runners, I mean it. They have both run the Boston Marathon!