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It’s true. Chris and I are moving…to Austin, TX….in a month….WOW. It feels weird putting it out there. Everything is happening so quickly. Chris received a job offer last Thursday and we had to make the decision by Monday. I wasn’t expecting to have to make any decisions until the end of May, so everything just got fast forwarded an entire month! Chris’  job offer is with the same company he works for now. This job is better pay and will allow Chris to move up in the company. If we stay here he has already hit his ceiling of how far he can advance. It is a big scary decision, but I knew that there really was no choice. How could we not take this opportunity? We know what’s here in NH and it’s not much. The safe choice would be to stay here with what and who we know, so we are taking a risk. I told Chris that I will be crying a lot between now and when we leave but that doesn’t mean I do not want to go. I’m thinking about everything/everyone we’re leaving behind, and what I’ll be missing out on. I just can’t believe it is going to happen! Chris was given a start date of June 14th but our landlord is giving us a bit of trouble and wants us out by the 1st so that would push our departure back a week which is a HUGE. There is a lot to get done in order to get down there, and I want to give the family I work for as much time as possible to find a replacement. I also want lots of time to spend with people here and I don’t want to feel rushed. So if people could be praying for that situation and that I would find a job I’d really appreciate it! ALSO another setback, the day we made the decision we also lost our internet! We had been picking up a connection and they just vanished. We have no idea where they went but they have not returned these past few days so we think they’re gone for good. Not having internet access is going to make getting things done for the move a lot harder to accomplish!

Thankfully we are not making this move completely on our own. Our dear friends Dahlia and Evan currently live in Austin, TX along with all of Evan’s family and long-time friends. We went down there for their wedding in January and met all of these people. Dahlia was also in my wedding and is new to living in Austin. Evan’s family is amazing and are strong Christians, so good encouragement and fellowship are not far away. So watch out Texas, New Hampshirites are coming!