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Chris and I got news yesterday that his boss messed up. She had told Chris that his temp-agency contract ended mid-May but in reality it ends mid/end-June. Chris can’t start at his new job until his contract is up because the company won’t buy out his contract, so this pushes our departure date back to the end of June. You would think I would be jumping for joy at this news but I was actually frustrated. I had finally come to terms with us leaving June 1st and now that we’re leaving almost a month later I feel like it’s dragging out a painful process. BUT now we don’t have to move Memorial Day weekend and we have more time to do New England summery things with people we LOVE. I refuse to be driving on our 1 YEAR wedding anniversary though! Haha. So we’re sticking around a little while longer. The family I work for was THRILLED to hear that news, and here I was concerned that I might not have work for a few weeks because they would have found a replacement for me. I had to tell them yesterday morning about our moving plans and I couldn’t even get through a sentence without crying! Oh man, what a mess. The kids don’t know yet. I can tell the baby all I want though. 😉  So don’t start saying your goodbyes yet!

Change of subject: Relationships are funny. You can think you know someone so well but then they surprise you all of a sudden. Example, this morning I was driving to work listening to a CD Chris had made for my long drive up north to visit a good friend in March. Just to bug me he put a few hokey country music songs on the cd. Well it just made me smile and laugh at my husband because I remember driving in the car with him not too long ago flipping through the radio stations and he stopped on a country channel and starting singing along to the song on the radio. Apparently he knows MANY country songs by heart because his mom would listen to them in the car! And me, the only country I listen to is Taylor Swift, haha. I guess I need to get used to it since we’ll be living in Texas!

AND THEN he called me at work today and said he had a story for me that I would be proud of. Whenever I order something, if it tastes funny, or is not what I thought it was, or not what I ordered I speak up (always politely).  Chris never asks people to fix his order, or I have to do it for him. Well today he got an iced caramel latte at D&D’s and took a sip and it was disgusting. Rather than just not drink it he actually went inside and asked them to make him a new one. And when they argued with him telling him they made him what he ordered he stuck up for himself! 🙂 People are full of surprises.