So I bought plane tickets to go to Bethany’s wedding in MI this summer, but I bought them from Austin-Detroit! It was kind of difficult to buy them because of the whole Austin piece. It’s just crazy. This next month is going to go by so incredibly fast! But I can’t wait to be with all (almost) my Lithuania girls again!!!

I have yet to go grocery shopping as a new organic eater. I’m excited to begin shopping differently. I was already pretty good but there is so much more I’ll be doing now. The only meat I ever buy when I go shopping is lunch meat because thanks to mom’s and mother in-laws our freezer has been stocked with meat. I made dinner the other night using the chicken from the freezer and Chris and I both agreed that we felt disgusting eating it. All I could picture was the distorted all white meat/breast chicken that it came from. I felt dirty eating it. But to throw away the meat we have in the freezer would be wasteful and I don’t think that’s a good alternative. I’ll update after my first shopping experience. I’m serious when I say if you haven’t watched Food INC do it…NOW. Really. It will change the way you view food.  Especially if you’re a Christian, it’s hypocritical not to eat cleanly. God called us to look after His creation. That doesn’t mean torturing and exploiting it for our benefit of bigger, cheaper, faster. Also the way these big meat/corn companies treat their employees and competing farmers is disgusting and wrong.

*steps down from soapbox*