A few days ago was my first real organic grocery shopping experience. I had gone once before but it was not a full list of food and planned out meals so I didn’t really count it. I made out really well money wise. For a weeks worth of food plus toilet paper, face wash, and wine I spent $69! I still haven’t bought any meat because we are still using our freezer supply, but I spent the same as I do when I shop non organically! There were only 2 items I bought that were not organic. Leaving the grocery store I felt empowered. It felt amazing to know that Chris and I are doing our part to make a small change simply by changing the way we eat. When I cook and eat I feel better about what I am putting into my body.

I’ve been doing some more research and have found an article that confirms something I have been thinking for a while. This article is about pesticides and their link to ADHD in children. Take it from someone who has spent a lot of time working with children and time spent working in schools, the behavioral make-up of children is changing for the worse. It is unbelievable how much the special education department has grown even since I was in grade school! There are kids left and right who are struggling or have behavioral/attention disorders. For people who can’t afford to shop completely organic check out the Dirty Dozen. I would rather have less money for other things and know that I am feeding myself and my family clean food that will not make me sick and that does not support bad treatment of workers. Do whatever you are able to do. It’s better than throwing your hands up in the air and exclaiming that it’s just not doable followed by a list of excuses.

On a different note, Chris and I leave for Texas in 19 days. Holy smoke! I got our new mailing address last night. We have an address in TEXAS! Are we crazy? What are we doing???  Dahlia and Evan sent us a magazine from Austin Monthly which has the top 110 things to do in Austin this summer. Reading through all of the possibilities gets me excited for our new life. One of the things on the list was volunteering at an organic farm for the day. Your pay is in fruits and vegetable to take home to your family. I think that’s a great program for low-income families. Those who can’t afford to buy healthy options can volunteer some of their time and relish in the fruits of their labor. 😉