14 days from now I will be on the open road. We will be driving through 11 states including NH and TX! This is the route my brother and I will be taking. Any suggestion as to what we should see on the way down or of people we could stay with??? 😉 Any way to save money I’m in for. We are trying to plan out some quick stops along the way. I think we are saving up most of our time for Nashville,TN but I would like to see some things before that part of the trip too. Anybody else want to come along?

For now I am trying to see people every day until I leave and attempt to do some light packing each day. It’s overwhelming to know where to start and to have any desire to do it. People keep asking if I’m excited yet and I don’t really know how to answer that one. Once I am there and settled and start exploring I’m sure I’ll be excited. But for now it’s mostly terrified. Haha maybe not that strong of a word, but I am a little apprehensive. There are so many people in NH that I love and will miss terribly once I’m gone but I also know that this room to grow and be married away from some other awful things that are in NH will be good for us. So if we haven’t seen each other call me and come on over because I’m going to miss you!