Onward we go. Day 2 was packed full of fun road trip adventures. We saw some odd sights in VA. Like the American Celebration museum in Shenandoah, VA. It was a large building filled with old parade floats. The smell was overwhelmingly musty and creepy. There were a number of other bizarre attractions all on the same road.

We also drove out to Polyface Farms in Swoope, VA. I was not expecting it to be such a detour off the highway but the drive was worth it. Everything was gently rolling hills with cute trees dotting the hillsides. We did not get to meet Farmer Joel. I did not want to be those out of towners who asked for him. So we looked around and purchased some delicious meat that I can’t wait to eat!

We also stopped at Foamhenge, a wacky, artistic, labor of weird love by a sculpture artist Micheal Cline. There were little bits of Styrofoam on the ground in places, and a threatening sign posted saying that if you defaced his stones he would watch from the trees while scratching your car. haha.

And then we drove. And drove. And drove. Until we reached Nashville, TN. We are staying with one of Taylor’s friends from Gordon who he does theater with. Today we slept in, relaxed, and enjoyed not driving in the car for a while. Then he drove us around downtown where we got to see the Parthenon, and the famous/cheesy country music street. We also witnessed some of the profound flood damage around Nashville. Then Taylor and I  explored Franklin, TN, a very old and apparently haunted town. It had an adorable Main St. with lots of great little shops and cafe’s and delicious soft serve yogurt with every topping you can think of to put on top. For dinner we enjoyed a sirloin steak purchased at Polyface for a hostess gift. Good clean meat.

Tomorrow we continue to Memphis, TN and Searcy, AR. Maybe we’ll run into Elvis….