Backtracking a bit from current events I wanted to continue with my summary of our  road trip. Day 3 we woke up on the later side and drove down to Memphis,TN. We stopped on the famous blues Beale St for lunch at B.B. Kings. There was live blues music going on in a small park and many people out walking. Memphis was a dirty city, but a gritty kind with a history. I didn’t mind it. Lunch was INCREDIBLE! We split a half-rack (not organic I’m sure) of baby back ribs, baked beans, corn bread, and french fries. The meat was just sliding off the bone. Mmmmm I’m drooling. Then we continued to Searcy, Arkansas to stay with an old friend from high school. She is working on her masters in counseling at a Christian school out there so I was able to pick her brain a bit. Driving through the FIRST part of Arkansas was beautiful. We were off the highway and enjoying the change in landscape to complete flatness. There were farms everywhere and SUNFLOWERS!

Day 4 was not so great on the road trip fun meter. Our sole purpose was to get to Austin as quick as possible because we had over 9 hours left of driving and we needed to get there to start unpacking. So it was just flat, boring, brown land for miles, and miles, and miles, and miles. Uuuuggh it was UGLY! We drove through Northern TX and it was not pleasant. No part of the scenery was easy on the eyes. But as we got closer to Austin and got off a major route on the way to the Ture’s in Lakeway, we went up a hill and on the other side, I swear there were angels singing. There was a vast expanse of open sky with rolling hills covered in trees with lakes and rivers twisting through them. It was BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad we live where we do in Texas because I’m pretty sure this is the ONLY pretty part. Hahaha.

I got to see my handsome hubby and hug my new neighbors Dahlia and Evan! 🙂 We quickly headed over to a family friend’s house to use their dock on the lake to go for a swim to beat the oppressive heat. I was thinking I probably wouldn’t swim because the lake would be cold. I am so glad I put on my suit. I was expecting early summer Lake Winnipesaukee temps in the 60s, but this lake was at least 85 degrees. It was so wonderful and refreshing to float in the lake after a long hot day of driving.

So that brings our road trip to a close, and begins my new life here in Austin…sort of….