So I arrived in Texas but only to spend a few hurried days of unpacking and trying to show my brother around a city I do not know. One day we got lost for I think a total of 3 hours. 🙂 Then I hopped on an early (6AM) plane to Ann Arbor, MI for a dear friend’s wedding. It was one of the girls I traveled with in Lithuania plus all the rest of my good friends from my time there. Being back together was surreal but also familiar. They all ventured up north to NH for my wedding last year and I was so blessed by the little wedding fairies they became to help me accomplish a lot of last-minute details. Being with the girls was so wonderful. It felt like this is how it always is. We’re always together exploring new places. I miss them all so much now but I know that we will have another adventure soon.

I arrived back in Austin on the 4th just in time for fireworks. Which I have to say I was kind of disappointed by the lame, capital of the state no one should mess with, fireworks. The little town of Portsmouth, NH far surpassed Austin’s. I had my camera ready to shoot the most amazing fireworks I’ve ever seen and was shocked when what I didn’t even realize was the finale was over! Oh well, I’m sure Austin will make it up to me with its other areas of awesomeness.

Also, I am meeting some pretty incredible people here. More on that later.