Since I’ve arrived in Texas I haven’t had the energy to write. I got sick and am still recovering.  I’ve been on a bit  of an up and down with my time here. Some days are a struggle and others are an adventure. I am meeting some pretty incredible people who I hope with open doors to some amazing friendships. I am still on the hunt for a job which is a big downer. I am finding myself retreating back to the dark place of feeling like a failure but I just have to keep pushing.

After getting back from MI Chris and I have added to our family. A KITTEN! We adopted Oliver through Austin Pets Alive and I love him more every day. When we first got him I thought that we had jumped into the decision too quickly and shouldn’t have gone with the first kitten we saw. I have always wanted a cuddly kitten who lives in my lap. My cat growing up would never let me pick her up let alone crawl in my lap. When we first met Oliver he was terrified of us. He would go still when we’d pick him up and try to get away. When we brought him home he would hide under the bed when we would come near him. But I kept picking him up, kissing him and smooshing his face with mine. I was determined to make him love me! When we would leave and come home we would find him sleeping in our laundry basket, and at night he would sleep between us. Slowly he came out of his cautious kitty shell. He is now my little, fury, orange, shadow. Where I go, he is. If he is sleeping on me (which he always is) and I get up to go to the bathroom, he starts walking up and down the hall meowing, and looking for me!  So SO cute! Who doesn’t love kittens???