On Thursday I travelled with my dear friend Dahlia to Fredericksburg, Tx to pick peaches. I picked less than 1/4 of a bushel but Dahlia picked 1/2 a bushel!! So many peaches! We had a blast. We went in the morning to beat the Texas heat. Afterwards we got lunch in an adorable Western downtown. I felt like I was on the set of a western film. Then we stopped at a vineyard/lavender farm. Unfortunately all the lavender was gone. But we were able to do some wine tasting with a ridiculous Frenchman. He was your stereotypical, outspoken, pompous, snooty Frenchman but he had a handle bar mustache and was wearing a Hawaiian shirt. When we told him we lived in Austin he said in his French accent, “Austin!? Austin is a terrible place! It’s full of Democrats and vegetarians!” Hahahaha! Who is this guy? Despite the ridiculous and somewhat creepy Frenchman, peach picking was a success! I am baking some peach muffins tonight, will be doing a cobbler tomorrow, and a peach salsa later this week. So stay tuned for some peachy goodness.

Some good news: I had a job interview today! I should know by Wednesday whether I got it or not. This job is more than just a job job. It would be pretty valuable experience with potential awesome benefits. But this job will also be extremely challenging, so prayers are much appreciated!!!