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Today I got some vitamin D from laying out on our balcony in my bathing suit, on October 2. I was sweating and was actually wishing it was cooler! It’s really starting to hit me just how different the climate is down here. Sure it was hot (110 F) this summer but it was summer it’s supposed to be hot. But now we’re moving into my favorite season, Autumn. I love the bright blue skies, crisp cool air, and the smell and sound of crunching leaves. I loved the day you’d walk outside at the end of summer and smell fall. The homesickness is really going to start to sink in now that fall is here. I love ALL things associated with fall. I even love November when all the leaves are gone and the outside is stripped down to its bare bones, raw and exposed. I love hay rides, apple and pumpkin picking. Hot caramel apple cider being sipped outside in a sweater underneath the shadow of the North Church steeple. I love the colors. They pop from every corner.  I love that first day when you welcome the warm air from indoors on your cool cheeks.

I love fall.

Fall also symbolizes new beginnings because for most of my life it has been the start of a new school year. Sharp pencils, pink erasers, blank notebooks waiting to be filled with all the new things I would learn. But here I am transitioning once again to another year not being in school and now in a completely new environment….Texas. It’s strange how God brought us down here and how all of the reasons why we moved have not been realized, but here we are, knowing that this is exactly where we belong.

I took these pictures Fall of 2007 in Lee, NH