This morning as I was sliding out the door being cautious of our curious kitty, Oliver sneaked by me to the outside world. This is the second time he has made it to the other side this week! Rewind a couple months ago: I was driving home from dropping the hubby off at work one morning and across the highway of our apartment there was a cat who had been hit by a car. This cat was the same size and coloring of Oliver. We had called to make a maintenance request the night before and I had this image of the maintenance worker coming by the apartment and Oliver running out the door, getting confused and crossing the highway. I rushed home in a PANIC! When I opened the door, there he was sleeping peacefully on the computer chair. So now that he’s started to play the escaping game we have gotten him a collar and tag.

My hubby was in charge of this purchase… When I got home from work I was greeted by a very uncomfortable kitten looking for his mommy to “save” him and remove his collar. My husband thought that an appropriate tag choice for our kitten would be a dog bone! He declared that he was our puppy dog. My poor husband is still a little boy at heart, wishing for a puppy. 🙂 Oh I forgot to mention that on the other side of the dog bone is the Longhorns symbol. He is a burnt orange kitten after all…