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And no, I’m not talking about the Sandra Bullock movie. (Fun fact, Sandra Bullock owns 2 businesses in Austin, TX-a restaurant and a bakery/floral shop).

Today I put in my two weeks notice at the job that has been sucking my soul. You’re probably thinking that I clicked my heels together in the parking lot at the end of the work day,but instead I had a strange feeling. I have been longing to be out of this job, but now that I realize that I will be leaving these sticky, smelly, adorable babies it makes my heart hurt. It has never been a question about me not loving the babies I work with (minus 1, haha), or the amazing people I work with. I can’t help but a feel a little sad. My unhappiness with this job has been due to the stress of the environment and management. I wish I could go in and borrow some of the babies for a few hours after I’m gone. 🙂

What’s the new job? Well, I have gone back to full-time nannying. It’s not what I had been hoping and holding out for, but I think my current job made me appreciate my time as a nanny so much more. The only part that I do not enjoy about nannying is that it’s a hit to my pride and does not live up to the expectations I had about where my education would take me.

The family I have found is wonderful. I will be with an adorable and articulate 2-year-old girl, and the mother is expecting another girl in March. This job is also only 4 miles in no traffic from my apartment, and more money. I am going to enjoy my time with this family and the impact that I will have on this toddler’s life, no matter how insignificant it might be. I still have plans to go to grad school and I am hoping that this job will offer me a bit more flexibility to figure that out.

So here’s to another transition.