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For weeks our kitten, Oliver, has been faithfully interrupting our sleep. We usually lock him out of our bedroom at night because he loves to play on our sleeping heads. We had to stop locking our ‘little lion man’ out because he started being very vocal about wanting to come in our bedroom. He meows incessantly, scratches at the carpet and bottom of the door to come in. And when that doesn’t work we can hear him run down the hall, launch himself at the door, and slide down it.

Unfortunately keeping the door open still hasn’t solved our problems with him. He has not outgrown his using us as play things while we sleep in our bed. When he finally decides to retire for the  night he chooses my head as his bed. He curls up on my head and kneads my skull and neck with his sharp little claws. When he tires of this he chews on my hair for a while before resting his purring head on my ear. It’s like trying to sleep while a jet plane flies 50 feet above you.

Chris and I get up multiple times throughout the night to spray the cat, lock him out, let him back in, etc. It’s kind of like practice for a newborn baby because we have shifts and we don’t sleep!

Last night Chris decided he was going to sacrifice himself and moved to the couch in the living room and shut the bedroom door where I was able to sleep. Oliver took this as an invitation to play. He launched himself at Chris’ head repeatedly and chewed on his ears. He better grow out of this or we’re in trouble.

But how can we stay mad at a face like this???

Photo courtesy of Emily Michelle Photography