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I really fell off the blog wagon for a time didn’t I? Life got busy and new, and rather write about all these transitions, I opted for ignoring them all together. And since I am a person of sequence it was hard to jump back in. I hate skipping over things, I like to recount them chronologically or I feel like I’m cheating myself. Because let’s be honest, no one reads this, it’s all for me.

I left off with Oliver and his nighttime torture. Well that problem was solved by my handsome hubby. He told me he was going to spend time with a friend the Saturday before Thanksgiving. He was not out for very long and came back to the apartment with a KITTEN! I am not kidding. I did not ask for another kitten, I had merely mentioned that maybe Oliver would leave us alone if he had someone to play with all night long. The kitten’s name is Samson and he did not like his new home or brother when he first arrived.

Oliver was so good, sweet, and patient with Samson. Samson had been attacked by his mother and hissed at everything and everyone. He finally came around and now they are the best of friends. Oliver “mothers” him. He follows him around and insists on giving him multiple “baths” a day.

The week of Thanksgiving I started my new job as a nanny. While it’s not ideal, it is such a lovely change of pace from my last job at the daycare.  The family I  work for is very sweet, and caring for a 2-year-old girl is never a dull day! She is a genius and a joy to watch. Before I started watching her she never left he house. Now we go out into the world all week-long. I take her to story time at the library, B&N, the park, and the Children’s Museum. We have lots of adventures. I am so thankful for this job!

Stay tuned for a Holidays post.