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Picture of my weekend:

Sun shining, 75-80 degrees, wearing short-sleeved dresses without any tights, basking in the warm sun while drinking milkshakes, and even perspiring.

Picture of my Tuesday:

Sun shining (it is still Texas after all…), 25 degrees, coat, scarf, gloves, shivering, moving as quickly as possible to the indoors, hot chai tea, warm blankets, fire roaring.

How can the temps change that dramatically and quickly?! This morning in 1 hour the temperature went from 66 to 44!

The “arctic blast”, “hard freeze”, “frigid temps” will be the lowest temperatures Texas has seen since December 1990. And that horrible frigid number is 15 degrees. 15! Yes we’re talking still in the double digits! Haha! Buuuuut with windchill it could feel like single digits, maybe even 0 degrees. So yes, I can finally say that it is indeed cold in Texas. There is even a 30 and 40% chance of snow on Thursday and Friday. I am praying for those snowflakes to fall from the sky!

While at the grocery store tonight people looked miserable! One woman walked in shivering from the outside looking like she was about to cry. I think my body is forgetting what it’s like to be cold, and I always say that I was half Texan before we moved down here because I would get cold so easily. šŸ™‚

And on the coldest day in 20 years of course I would have car problems.This morning while trying to leave for work, my key broke in my ignition and Chris’ car would not start due to not enough gas. We live on a very steep hill and if you have less than a quarter of a tank of gas, it can be cause for a car that won’t start. After some help from a friend from church (and many other offers of help were made later on, love our community!) we were able to get gas in Chris’ car and I waited for a locksmith or mechanic to call me back. Around 5:00 a locksmith finally arrived and he got the key out for $100! That is much lower than the $532+tax the dealership quoted me!

So cheers to running cars and it actually feeling like winter for a few days!