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Today after giving Lizzie her bath, I was drying her off and giving her towel burrito hugs. She put her little finger on my chest and said, “Is this Kayla?”Me-“Yes, it is.” Me pointing to her chest, “Is this Lizzie?” Her- “Yes, it is.” Her pointing at my chest, “Is this Lizzie?” Me-“No.” She repeated it twice and then she points to my heart and says, “Is Lizzie in Kayla’s heart?” Annnnd I melted, scooped her up and said, “yes, Lizzie is in Kayla’s heart.” 🙂 At the end of the day she told me she didn’t want me to leave because she wanted to kiss me. Then she stood at the window as I walked to my car kissing the glass. It’s moments like those that remind me that my job is more than just a “job”.

Switch to my husband. He claims that he doesn’t want girls. But I know he thinks Lizzie is adorable and when I came home and told him this story he got that cute little smile of his. Later, we were watching a TV show where a young girl is going to the movies with a group of friends where boys will be present, and the dad insists on sitting in the back row. I asked him what age he thought our girl should be allowed to go to the movies alone with a boy, and he replied that he is going to name our girl butt cheek and force feed her until she is obese so it wouldn’t be a problem. Hmmmm. 🙂

*edit* Chris told me that it wasn’t butt cheek, but butt chin. Nice.