I just saw a bulldog wearing a sweater and a down jacket. Fantastic.

Last night on the way home from ladies night it started to sleet a teeny tiny bit, but that was enough to send several Texas drivers skidding off the road. There were even two fatalities last night in Austin, TX. As I was driving home I was still going 50 on the highway and I watched other cars go flying past me. I couldn’t believe it. Everywhere I could I see there were flashing blue and red lights: police cars, fire trucks, tow trucks. It was apocalyptic.

On my ride home I have to drive down an almost perpendicular hill. Thankfully I made it home all in one piece. I am absolutely more nervous to drive in this kind of weather in Austin than New Hampshire. First of all, people are horrible, reckless drivers to begin with and their driving does not change even when they have ice on the roads. Also, they do not have the right equipment or knowledge to deal with the roads that are covered in white stuff. With that, the roads are made out of different material than in New Hampshire, making them ten times as slippery in mild conditions.

So yes, this less than an inch dusting is cause for this northern New England girl  to not want to leave her house.

Sleeping cuddling kittens make it hard to leave too….