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So long first Austin home. We reside in you no longer. Goodbye shady trees that made my transition from the woods of New Hampshire a little more bearable.  So long 90 degree angled hill that worked my buns every day on the walk from my car. Goodbye to my first “walk-in-closet.” Goodbye to the big windows that entertained our kittens for hours, and to the shelves along the walls that provided the perfect napping spots for them. So long fireplace, you provided  warmth on those “chilly” winter nights. Goodbye windows and ceilings that leaked incessantly whether it was raining or not and to the yappy dog pound that lived bellow us. I will not miss your frequent warnings of birds, breezes, and bugs who passed by our building. Goodbye to our AC that protected us from our first Texas summer. Goodbye kitchen. I did more cooking and experimenting in our second year of marriage. I slowly gained my confidence in you and started to learn how to cook like a Texan: jalapenos, habaneros, salsa, avacados, and peaches.

Goodbye white collared workers in our Arboretum neighborhood. I can’t say I’ll miss feeling like I should be in a suit and red soled shoes while waiting for my coffee at Starbucks. Goodbye organic, grass-fed burger joint with the most amazing milkshakes that are the perfect way to end a long week. Goodbye to my local grocery store cashiers who I came to know so well on my daily trips for ice after hubby’s surgery. Goodbye 360 and all the glorious hill country views you have to offer. I never tired of my drive home.

Our first TX place had its ups and downs. I am sad to leave some behind but more excited to be in our new home closer to community. We are also excited to be saying goodbye to 702 sq ft and hello to 897 sq ft.

Cheers to another transition.