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Clutter clutter everywhere! Our once shiny, new, and empty apartment is now filled with our stuff. I wish it was back to its bare bones. When it was void of our belongings there was serenity and promise of a new start. Now these walls are filled with the junk that followed us here. There are things I never knew we had, and items we will never use in our new life (snowshoes anyone??). The empty apartment seemed to offer us a clean slate where this life would be better. There’s just one problem: we didn’t get rid of our stuff.

I think that we constantly search for blank slates in our lives. Ways to start fresh with out the clutter and distractions of our minds. A new school, a new job, a new car, a new city, some new friends, a new item from our wish list. We search for the new thinking that it will offer us something better, but we are not the ones who can offer a new beginning. God tries to offer us real fresh starts but we deny ourselves that gift when we don’t let go to all the things we think we need. We are never willing to trust in the simplicity of God’s plan so we hoard like greedy children, never letting go of the clutter. When we hold on to those selfish desires, distractions, plans, and bitterness from our past we can’t enjoy the newness and freedom of God’s plan.

I am holding on to all sorts of junk in my life. My arms are overflowing with things I think I need and am not willing to part with. Thank goodness I don’t have to do this alone.