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Life is changing, always shifting. New transitions come. My days as a nanny have (hopefully) drawn to a close. I am working for a friend in his clinic gaining really great experience that the rest of Austin didn’t think I was ready for because a piece of paper told them so.  I am thankful. So grateful. My stress levels have plummeted these past 2 months and that old part of me has been stirring to create. I have spent the past 6 weeks immersed in projects (photos soon) that have been on my mind for countless months, and I am getting back to the things that make life full and rich. I am spending time with people I care about. Listening to their stories, walking through life together. And. It. Feels. Great.

I am waiting for an upcoming transition to start. Nervously twiddling my thumbs and wondering if I’m ready. Trusting that God knows. I am starting graduate school in January. I am making time in my life for learning. Making time for creativity. Talk time is over, it’s happening.